Tina has an uncanny ability to cut-to-the-chase which draws out of people the desire to improve their lives.  Tina ministers from her wealth of life experience in conquering fear, triumphing over abuse, and overcoming financial inadequacy.  Tina delivers “Holy Ghost Injections of Truth” in her workshops and seminars offered through churches, business groups, and retreats.

Topics Available

God is Good!
Tina puts to death the notion that God puts cancer on His kids to teach them a lesson or sends them poverty to draw them close to Him.  GOD IS A GOOD GOD!  He is a good Father.

Having Done All
Many Christians say they are standing in faith, but they have not “Done All” so they are standing in vain.  Tina helps people learn how to do their part so God can do His part.

Time Alone with God
Jesus Himself spent time alone with God every morning.  Tina extols the virtues of taking time with God each day with this practical teaching.  Your audience will be inspired.

The Gift of Giving
Tina does a thoroughly biblically teaching about the spiritual gift of Giving.  While we are all called to be generous, God wants us to go beyond and live to give!

Don’t Perish from Lack of Knowledge!
Hosea 4:6 says that God’s own people perish for lack of knowledge.  Tina points people to practical ways to walk in wisdom and truth.

Tina’s teachings are approximately 1 hour but can be adapted down to 45 and up to 75 minutes.

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