Meet Tina Marino

Tina Marino has helped many people lead more prosperous lives in several different arenas. Being from a family with an entrepreneurial spirit, she has always been involved in many business and philanthropic ventures.

Tina has uncanny ability to cut-to-the-chase which draws out of people the desire to improve their lives. Tina ministers from her wealth of life experience in conquering fear, triumphing over abuse, and overcoming financial inadequacy. Tina delivers “Holy Ghost Injections of Truth” in her workshops and seminars offered through churches, business groups, and retreats.

Since 2008, Tina has been writing at her blog, She loves being an encouragement to others as she strives through her writings to help people understand that God loves them and wants only the best for them. Her first book, to be published shortly, is about how to make changes in life God’s way.

Tina, an ordained non-denominational minister, founded The Encouragement Center, Inc. in 1997, as a ministry that helps the poor and needy. Assisting low-income individuals and families with much-needed food, clothing, rental and transportation assistance is the core of The Encouragement Center’s outreach. Helping people to get to a self-sufficient place in life is the goal.

Tina’s Purpose

“I tell the good news of victory to the people in the great assembly. And, Lord, You know that I will never stop telling that GOOD news. I tell about the good things You do. I do not hide these things in my heart. I speak of how You can be trusted. I do not hide Your love and loyalty from these people.” – Psalm 40:9-10


Tina’s mission in life is to tell people that He is a good God. Tradition and religion teach that God brings sickness and poverty, tests and trials to people to teach them lessons, punish them or (worse) to draw them close to Him. BLASPHEMY! Her biggest desire in life is to counter this teaching that condemns God and goes so counter to His Word.


Partnering with Tina is a personal commitment on your part to support her work with the poor and needy – with prayers and finances on a regular basis. You will be helping her spread the word that God is good and provide food and other essentials for the poor.

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Tina specializes in presenting biblical principles in a very down-to-earth manner. She will help your group learn that God is good, He loves you and how to know who you are in Christ. Tina motivates, inspires and educates all with a sense of humor and a big dose of love!

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