Are You Getting Enough Word in Your Diet?

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It is a fact that when I get off-track by spending too much time listening to the news, the gloom and doom, the economic horror stories, and the tales of woe, I can end up working myself into a tizzy.  I hear stories of people I know and love who are going through hell with their finances.  They are losing their houses.  They are doing all they know to do and it is not getting any better.  There is no relief in sight.  It grieves me.  There are no pat platitudes to be pontificated; and there seemingly are precious few helpful answers.

Each day our ministry, The Encouragement Center, gets calls for financial help for bare necessities. The stories make me weep – so many good people in such need. Sadly, we have to turn away most because we don’t have enough resources to help them.  It is a sign of the desperate times in which people are finding themselves.  It is heartbreaking.

Personally, I find that when I am getting caught up in the stress and anxiety, fear starts to overwhelm me.  But, because the Word is in my heart, I am grateful that God always brings to remembrance what I need to hear when I need to hear it!  He is good that way!

Today, He prompted me to get my eyes back on Him, by a word spoken by another minister. He was talking about the dismal times and how God gave us a promise:

“For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.” Matthew 6:8

While I may not have all the answers for myself, my family, my loved ones or the world, there is one thing I DO know: God loves us, He is a good God, and He will provide!  It is a choice I make to purposely bring my focus back to Him and His promises.  You have the same choice.  Are you going to focus on the bad or are you going to stay focused on Him?  If you stay focused on Him, you can stay steady in the midst of this storm.

If we don’t have a steady diet of the Word, it will not be there when we need it.  Therefore, I encourage you today, and every day, to put some Word in your diet!

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